My Story

Collage by Lani

Here's my story... well, a tiny bit of it anyway. I was raised in Taiwan where I developed a fascination with Asian food, street theater, dragons & art, was educated in the US, and am now living in a fishing village in Nova Scotia.  I tend to find life an amazing unfolding delight.

I make puppets, jewelry, artists books and other sorts of folk or alternative arts. I share this magical, artful life with my husband, one cat, two dogs and any relative or friend that drops by.

The welcome mat is always out. We will put on the kettle and have tea or coffee and listen to the waves.   Just give us a shout.

"People who can agree they share a commitment to the landscape --even if they are otherwise locked in struggle with each other-- have at least one deep thing to share."  - Gary Snyder

This is why I love Nova Scotia and Prospect so much!  Even if folks here are locked in some struggle they all love this landscape very deeply and that makes all the difference.

Life here is very good, a strange sort of paradise even.  We love on land that is nearly all rock, so water is limited and life seems fragile and fleeting to us, but very, very beautiful.

We feel immediately and deeply when the balance and resources of the environment are tampered with.  Fishing was the main source of income here, but the fish and their spawning grounds have been stripped by the relentless dragging of large fishing companies off the coast.  We feel the loss.

And if a hurricane blows through and destroys our neighbors wharfs, boats, and livelihoods, we feel that too.

It is a small community, 200 souls with strong ties and a long history.  People look out for one another and treat each other with a kind of gentleness.

Need my cv?  Contact me at lanipuppetmaker at gmail dot com.